Obstetrician examining pregnant belly by ultrasonic scan.


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成为一个 诊断超声波检验师

Sonographers are part scientist and part artist, creating images of the human anatomy and assisting the physicians in a final diagnosis. Diagnostic medical sonography is a noninvasive imaging technology performed in a real-time format. Sonographers use high-frequency sound waves to image the organs, 腺, 血管, 还有他们病人的孩子, 也被称为超声波. These images become valuable information for the ordering physician to treat these patients. Sonographers have the potential to diversify into other aspects of the medical field. The 诊断性医学超声 program at Beckfield大学 is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).*


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诊断性医学超声 Program Length


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Employment of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers is projected to grow 10% from 2021 to 2031†

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State of Kentucky median salary is $69,990 per year and $72,俄亥俄州190人*


Our 诊断性医学超声 program is a highly specialized, comprehensive training course for ultrasound that includes an in-depth analysis of anatomy, 生理学, pathology and patho生理学 and the application of ultrasound to prepare graduates to accurately and efficiently aid physicians in the diagnosis of disease. Our curriculum provides integrated analysis and hands-on training, which includes:

  • Study applied biological sciences, 超声波的应用, 相关诊断程序, 图像评价.
  • Prepares students to use ultrasound machines and specialized equipment to perform diagnostic exams.
  • Learn patient care techniques and professional development and ethics courses.
  • Prepares graduates to take the Ultrasound Credentialing exams including ARDMS, CCI和ARRT检查.


A Diagnostic Medical Sonographer is a trained professional who operates special imaging equipment to create images or conduct tests. The technicians use these images and test results to help physicians assess and diagnose medical conditions. Sonographers and ultrasound technologists may work closely with 内科医生和外科医生 before, during, and after procedures. Responsibilities and duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Perform diagnostic ultrasound examinations with competency
  • Work independently using appropriate discretion and judgment
  • Recognize the normal and abnormal sonographic characteristics of organs
  • Evaluate sonographic images for usefulness as a diagnostic tool
  • Provide a diagnostic impression to the interpreting physician using oral/or written communication
  • Perform other duties as required by your employer


Our 诊断性医学超声 program prepares students for entry-level employment in a variety of settings, 如:

  • 医院
  • 医生和医务室
  • 诊断实验室
  • 门诊中心


According to the latest data from the U.S. 劳工和统计局, the annual average wage for a 诊断性医学超声 technician in the State of Kentucky is $69,990美元和72美元,俄亥俄州190人.* Salary will vary based on experience, 工作地点, and the specific job title and duties being performed.

*The 诊断性医学超声 program at Beckfield大学 is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES). 联系ABHES: info@abhes.网址:(301)291-7550.

** National Data Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment Statistics Survey http://www.bls.gov/ooh/healthcare/diagnostic-medical-sonographers.htm

†Employment of diagnostic medical sonographers is projected to grow 10 percent from 2021 to 2031, which is faster than average for all occupations. Growth will occur for a number of reasons. (网站访问次数9.15.22) Source: Occupational Employment Statistics Query System with a release date of September 2022.  http://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes292032.htm#st 

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