Tisheena年代.、医疗账单 & 编码的研究生


Everything about Beckfield has been amazing since I started. The teachers are always helpful and understanding as well as the other staff. I’m nearing graduation and career services has already helped me secure a job and while I’m thrilled to be graduating. I will miss everyone at the school. I highly recommend to anyone searching or looking to further their education to give Beckfield a chance…you won’t regret it.

布兰登R.、医疗账单 & 编码的研究生


Finished my 医疗帐单 & Coding program in about 6 months. The teachers I had were very helpful and worked with you to resolve any problems that arose. As long as you put in the work it’s a great place to learn. Already starting a career in the field in a few days thanks to the staff & 大学. If you’re interested in a job in the medical field would highly recommend.

奥利维亚米., 实际的护理 Graduate


I love the family feel that each class provides and the friends it’s given me.

阿希利B., Medical Assistant and 医疗帐单 & 编码的研究生

Beckfield大学 has helped me accomplish so much. I couldn’t be what I am today without my degree. 一个是不够的. 我必须回来!

克里斯托G., RN to BSN Graduate


I appreciate the teachers going above and beyond to make time to help students that are struggling to understand the concepts they are learning. Never once have I felt I could not come to one of my instructors.

Tiffini G.、医疗账单 & 编码的研究生 and Current 护理 student


I love Beckfield for the great career choices and the amazing teachers in each field of study.



I am thankful to be graduated from High School and going to a 大学 where I am in the process of pursuing my dream of being a nurse! This 大学 has been a wonderful experience and I have made lots of friends and feel very connected with both them and the 大学.

阿比盖尔一., Business Administration Graduate


I am thankful for having the opportunities to work and do school from home. During times like these, I don’t want my son having to go to a babysitter or a daycare. He can be safe and sound in his own home. I am thankful for being able to stay in my house while still pursuing my goals. 谢谢你!

乔伊斯R., BSN毕业生


I am so totally thankful for Beckfield大学 staff for helping me be able to live out my childhood dream of being a nurse. Everyone has been so helpful while I was in school for my RN that I just had to take on the challenge of getting my BSN, 我很喜欢! Hat’s off to the amazing instructors! 谢谢你! SO very much!!



People wake up every day and think that today is the day I am going to change my life, but seldom do they take action. I believe we are all creatures of habit. Sometimes we stick to what is comfortable rather than attempting change. 那就是我.

I was given a challenge by my Aunt Lorie who said, “Two years of your life is going to pass you by.  No matter what the question is, what are you going to do in those two years?” My answer is: get a 大学 degree.

I would encourage everybody to bet on yourself and believe you are good enough to chase after and live your dreams. Find the strength within yourself to be who you want to be.  I am so proud, not just of me, but of my fellow grads!